The Controversy Over Voter Photo ID's

The Controversy Over Voter Photo ID's

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Lots of controversy over a little card with a picture on it. Alabama approved the photo ID requirement to vote in 2011 and the debate over it is extremely partisan.

Terry Lathan is Chair of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee.

“I’ve always believed it’s simple, and not a problem for someone to show up to elect your leaders to simply identify who you are officially,” says Lathan.

Bob Beckerle is a local attorney and used to be Chair of the county’s Democratic Executive Committee.

“And the excuse for this is not only fairness, but to cut down voter fraud. But there’s so little voter fraud that that’s just a phony excuse,” says Beckerle.

“You have to show a photo ID to buy alcohol, check out a book in a library, cash a check,” says Lathan.

“It’s an attempt to eliminate the black voters, the poorer people who don’t go to the polls but don’t have identification,” says Beckerle.

The Board of Registrar’s has meanwhile offered free photo ID’s to those who need one, however, Judge Don Davis says most people already have what they need.

“In Mobile County, the feedback that we’ve gotten from our poll workers is that most voters use their driver’s licenses for their ID. 90 plus percent,” says Davis.

Many people we talked to today said they didn’t think a photo ID was necessary.

“It’ll cause a hardship for people who don’t have it,” says Bob Cox.

“I think it’s a very good idea to have an ID because that way, not just anyone can go and vote, I mean they could be an alien,” says Darlene Haun.

Only 104 people in Mobile County have used that free service to get a photo ID, and only six people in Baldwin County.

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