Bronze Star Recipient Talks About VA Healthcare

Bronze Star Recipient Talks About VA Healthcare

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Jack Storer served his country in the Army for 33 years.  He is a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm.  But when he needed help, it felt like he suddenly became a nuisance to his country, particularly those charged with his healthcare at the Veterans Administration.

Storer was a victim of Agent Orange, the since proven cancer-causing herbicide used extensively during Vietnam.  He believes its responsible for diabetes and colon cancer.  When cancer struck, the military was done with Storer.  He underwent colostomy surgery--but was sent by VA personnel at nearby Biloxi, to Arkansas for the procedure.  It took three trips there before any surgery was done. 

When a knee had to be replaced, the Biloxi VA hospital sent him to Houston for that.  After three botched surgeries--one which he still lives with, he went back to Houston's VA facility hoping for relief.  They told him to come back in 6 months.  It's excruciating to ride in a car.  He can't even consider a plane ride because of the pain.  Not to mention the humiliating search by TSA agents who feel his colostomy bag, and have to make sure he isn't carrying a bomb.

Storer can't help but think there are doctors somewhere along the immediate Gulf Coast--Mobile, Biloxi, even New Orleans--who know how to do these things.  But not when you're being treated by the VA.  Frustration is a word that doesn't even begin to cover it.

There is paperwork, lots of forms.  Appointments with VA doctors who don't know his history--he has to fill them in on everything again.  Could they perhaps miss something?  Not to mention that feeling he got that when he was at an appointment, the one thing the healthcare provider wanted most was to send Jack on his way, out of his sight.  For Jack Storer, it's a feeling that the healthcare people he's lucky enough to see, don't really want to see him--would rather he would just go away--or die.  Jack's own words.

Jack Storer devoted his life to serving his country, and he's the kind of guy you want doing that.  He represents what many believe is right with America.  But the over-bloated VA bureaucracy he has been forced into battle with is a prime example of what is wrong. 
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