Scammers Try Selling You On Fake Healthcare Cards

Scammers Try Selling You On Fake Healthcare Cards

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Confusion is a perfect breeding ground for scams—which is why healthcare officials are seeing scams popping up about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

"There's a lot of fraud going on, people telling you you have to have this kind of information, that kind of information," says James Roberson with the State Health Insurance Program.

The most recent scam has folks believing they have to sign up for an Affordable Care Act ID card, which is just another way for scammers to get your personal information, like your social security number.

"There's no reason for people to call and ask you for that information, that's information that is very private and there's no reason for a company to call you and ask you for that," says Roberson.

Affordable Care Act ID cards do not exist, so don't believe anyone trying to sign you up for one. Also, scammers are asking you to sign up for new insurance policies. While it's true the new law requires everyone to have insurance or pay a penalty, it does not require everyone to get new coverage. Experts say there's a simple guideline scammers follow that's easy to pick out.

"It's called pretexting. And what the scammers are going to do is, they're going to do one of two things. They're either going to sweet talk you into sending money or they're going to scare you into sending money," says Detective Laura Soulier with the Mobile County Sheriff's Office.

This would fall under the scare tactic—telling you they're with the government and they need your information. Experts say everyone needs to develop a healthy suspicion of anyone calling.

"No matter what the story is, when a person calls you on the telephone do not verify any information, do not give them any information. Period," adds Soulier.

And if you're not sure whether a call is a scam, you can always check with your local sheriff's office or you can call the Better Business Bureau in Mobile at 251-433-5494. You can also go to the Federal Trade Commission's website at to read about the different scams out there. You can also reach the State Health Insurance Program in Mobile at 251-433-6541 or 1-800-243-5463.

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