Doctors Express Their Concerns Over Obamacare

Doctors Express Their Concerns Over Obamacare

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Internist Dr. Lloyd May believes Obamacare will be a literal shipwreck.

“Did you see the movie Titanic? Grab a chair!” says Dr. May.

Folks in the healthcare industry have several concerns when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. For starters, they believe the rapid growth of those on Medicaid will exceed available doctors.

“And those plans already suffer from lack of doctors anyway, so I think it’s going to exacerbate those shortages.”

Medicaid doesn’t reimburse doctors enough to break even in a business sense, so they already limit the number of Medicaid patients.

“And what that ultimately does is it leads to delay of care and may even increase the cost of healthcare because their condition may worsen by the time they get in to see a doctor,” says Dr. Clayton Lane with the Alabama Orthopedic Clinic.

Not only are doctors losing money, but so are patients.

“What people may not realize is that the first $2-4,000 of any care given by an orthopedic specialist comes out of their pocket,” says Lane.

Another side effect—fewer people choosing the healthcare industry as a career, meaning a doctor in the future may not be the best and the brightest.

“Ultimately you’re going to see a decrease in the quality of people that are going to medical school.”

In this case, time may not heal all wounds.

“And I think it’s going to take us a long time to change healthcare and get to where it’s really beneficial to everyone,” says May.

And May believes everything will shake out eventually but in the meantime, he says Americans need to wean themselves off of healthcare dependency by taking better care of themselves.

“Whatever you can do to take care of yourself will mitigate having to go through all these high expensive things which you may not be able to afford.”

You’re also going to see fewer doctors going into private practice and instead going to work for hospitals and working more 9-5 shifts. Which means if you get sick or hurt after 5, then you’re seen by the emergency room which will cost more and you’ll have a much longer wait time.

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