Winston Groom Releases New Book

Winston Groom Releases New Book

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Taking a tour of Winston Groom's office in his home in Point Clear, Alabama is a bit of a history lesson in itself.   As he reaches for what looks like a brass goblet on his fireplace mantle he asks, "You know what that is...... It's a 120 millimeter cannon shell."  The writer has several pieces of trench art on display made by soldiers in between battles during World War I.

 Groom hopes others will share his love of history when they read his new book, The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight.  "I want them to see what a real hero is like.  A real serious hero..too many books (are) about anti heroes or non heroes or whatever, and I think these guys were.  I think America needs to learn something about its heroes, about the good guys for a change," said Groom.

 Rickenbacker gained fame during World War I as a flying ace in the famous Hat in the Ring Squadron.  Between the wars, Lindburgh captured America's attention with his non stop flight  across the Atlantic in The Spirit of Saint Louis.   Doolitle gave America hope in the early days of America's entry into World War II by leading the famous Doolittle Raid on Tokyo.  "All these guys..really, they manned up in world war II and I admired that.  All three of them.  They all knew each other.  They were congenial with each other......they were just fascinating characters."

By telling their intertwined stories, The Aviators depicts how these already accomplished men pushed the limits to help shape America.  "These guys were middle aged.  They were rich.  They were famous.  They could have sat it out and they didn't do any such thing.  They did the most dangerous things in their lives in World War II."
Groom believes he's crafted a book that will appeal to part, by including the character's wives.  "All these women had to put up with these guys because they were gone most of the time and they were big shots and it is tough for a woman and I try to get into that.  To have to put up with a famous husband, it's not the easiest thing in the world." 

Groom , the author of 18 books, is most famous for Forrest Gump, though he focuses on writing non-fiction these days.

When asked how he'd like people to remember him, Groom responded, I'd like them to remember me as a respectable writer.  You know somebody that they remembered..entertained them..and taught them something.
 And I think that writers are teachers in a way..not classroom teachers but, If I have left a positive impression on the people that read my books..then, I've done my job..and made their lives better in some way."

You have a chance to meet this best selling writer this week.  Fairhope's Page and Palette Bookstore is hosting a book signing for Winston Groom Wednesday.  Tickets for "An Evening with Winston Groom" are $35 dollars and include a signed first edition copy of The Aviators.  For more information go to

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