Scammers Use Obamacare Confusion To Strike

Scammers Use Obamacare Confusion To Strike

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With Halloween around the corner, it’s a scary time of year.

Especially scary for unsuspecting victims of Medicare fraud. Markie Watters got a scary phone call from folks with her personal information, talking about her Medicare plan.

“They’re just like I said, persistent and I get calls and calls and calls,” says Watters.

These people wanted to come and knock on Watters’ door and explain to her how Obamacare was changing her Medicare plan. There are only two things wrong with that, first, Obamacare isn’t changing Medicare plans at all. And second, insurance representatives are not allowed to cold call seniors.

Watters said she was on disability and perfectly happy with her plan.

“They’re telling me, but you don’t understand, you need to be informed. And I just finally hung up.”

She still gets several calls from them a day. Betty Houston also got a call… but the caller was foreign, and couldn’t even pronounce Medicare.

“Someone called me and told me they were from Medicare and that I was getting a new Medicare card,” says Houston.

Houston’s friend had fallen victim to that same call the day before, giving out her credit info, but quickly realizing her mistake.

“She said, well maybe with Obamacare, maybe that was real. Had it not happened to her, it very easily could have happened to me.”

Folks looking to cash in on people’s private information are making hay while the sun shines—taking advantage of confusion surrounding healthcare. Officials say don’t give out any kind of information and these women are here to tell you to always be on guard—so you don’t get spooked.

“Just infuriated because someone would be calling and taking advantage of people like that,” adds Houston.

If you get calls like this, you should copy down the phone number and report them to the Federal Trade Commission—if they have the phone number, it’ll be easier for them to track these guys down and put a stop to their calls.

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