Sessions on Syria

Sessions on Syria

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U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Speaks Out on Syria U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Speaks Out on Syria

"My phones are ringing off the hook. People do not want us involved in another deep commitment in the middle east in a civil war that we've got no business being in", U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions told reporters during a visit to North Alabama Thursday.

It's unclear whether the republican senator supports a military strike against Syria at this point. He calls the apparent attack by Syria on its people a very serious use of poisonous gas. Sessions says killing 400 children is not a little matter, but says the president should have done more sooner. "I think if the president had been more forceful, and had sent a stronger messages earlier, we wouldn't have seen such a large use of this poison gas and we may not be facing the trouble we are facing today. Obviously somewhere along the line, they concluded there would be no consequences or minimal consequences", said Sessions.

Some in Congress opposed to attacking Syria say a military strike would be expensive and could have severe consequences for The United States. Sessions says many questions need to be answered. "If action is undertaken, how does it fit in with our overall strategy? Indeed, do we even have a strategy in the middle east. And uh...I am utterly opposed to involving ourselves in this Syrian civil war. We cannot do that", said Sessions.

Senator John McCain of Arizona is one of several top republicans supporting President Obama's request for congress to authorize a missile strike. McCain says no serviceman or woman would be put in danger. Meanwhile, The White House is considering deploying U.S. military trainers to work with the Syrian rebels, possibly in Jordan. "People may have ideas that we can somehow intervene and create peace and all..but, this situation is not ripe for that", said Sessions.

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