MCPSS Says No To Guns on Campuses

MCPSS Says No To Guns on Campus

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Alabama's new gun law allows gun owners to now keep their weapons inside their cars while at work. It also allows those with conceal carry permits, to carry their guns into most public places.

"If the public is invited in, then you may carry a weapon into that place concealed with a conceal carry permit," said Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

That's with the exception of police stations, sheriff's offices, city and county commissions, and courthouses. And according to the state school superintendent, you can add public schools to the list to.

In a letter submitted to City and County superintendents, he says: "Individuals who bring firearms or any weapons on school property should be notified that they are in violation of school policy and asked to leave the premises. If they fail to leave the property on request they maybe subject to arrest for criminal trespass."

"For quite sometime we've had regulations that say no firearms, no weapons on mobile county public school properties and so we are sticking with that. We feel like it's for the safety of the children, and all the staff," said Nancy Pierce, the Mobile County Public School System spokesperson.

Pierce says the school system is in the process of getting metal signs made to replace the paper ones that will be placed outside of every entrance to every school. Sheriff Sam Cochran says that while the school system has the right to prevent its employees and students from having guns on campus, the same isn't so for others coming into the building, like parents for instance.

"If a person have a conceal carry permit, they may go anywhere that the public is invited unless there is a barrier or a security guard in place at the location or entrance to that building. So I think that would allow someone with a pistol permit concealed to go onto a school campus. This bill has a number of gray areas that still have to be sorted out. I don't know if it's going to be sorted out through court cases or through attorney generals opinions," said Sheriff Cochran.

Another gray area deals of the law that states that someone with a conceal carry permit may carry a gun into sporting events.  However, another part in the law that says if you set up a 24 hour guard, you can stop people with conceal carry permits from entering - so which part of the law will override the other? That remains to be seen.

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