Senator Figures Releases Statement on Controversial Remark

Senator Figures Releases Statement on Controversial Remark

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Senator Vivian Davis Figures is at the center of the latest controversy involving race and politics in Alabama - saying race played an important role in the rise and dominance of Alabama's Republican party.

Senator Figures also says President Obama has been under attack by Republicans more so than previous presidents.

George Williams is the Senior Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Alabama. He feels an apology is in order.

"Oh definitely. I think she should apologize. If she doesn't that's Vivian Figures. It's because of the lack of work for the Democratic party. That's why. It has nothing to with race," said George Williams.

But today, Figures released this statement saying:

"I will apologize for nothing I said on Tuesday evening. The statements at issue were made in response to a question posed by an audience member, and my response reflected my personal opinion regarding the matter of many Republican candidates in local and state races, campaigning as if they were running against President Obama. It's a tactic never before used systematically in Alabama during any other Presidency.

I unequivocally stand by my collective statements, having said nothing that warrants an apology to any individual or organization, including the Alabama Republican Party."

People I spoke with today have differing opinions on the matter.

"We don't see it. But it's an underlying thing that going on in politics in Alabama. That needs to be brought to the forefront," said Kerry Thomas, an independent.

"Race isn't the issue. It's the decision we make and the paths we chose in life," said Alma Sullivan, a democrat.

"I do know that generally most southern republicans tend to be white and and democratic is generally more African American, but as far as it being based upon that, I think it might have been a little bit too far," said Samantha Wesson, a republican.

I was able to speak with Senator Figures by phone asking to address the matter in an on camera interview. However because she's out of town she wasn't able to do so today, saying she will be able to meet tomorrow.

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