Smoking Alcohol Videos Go Viral on the Internet

Smoking Alcohol Videos Go Viral on the Internet

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A disturbing new trend is going viral on the internet. Instead of drinking alcohol, the people you see in these videos are smoking it.

"I think it's a science fair project gone wrong," said Sierra Williams.

"Unfortunately people are always look for a new way to get inebriated or high or whatever," said Austin Cottrell.

I found two students on the University of South Alabama's campus who did tell me they have heard of inhaling alcohol, but for everyone else I spoke with they say it's something they simply can't wrap their brain around.

"It's insanity," said 25-year old Stephen Cochran.

He's a business major is says he's seen many things during his time fighting in Afghanistan, but has never seen anything like this.

"I see things like this and then I see the kids eating the bath salts, and eating people's faces off and things, and it worries me that this is our next generation," said Cochran.

Dr. Richard O at Compass Urgent Care in Mobile says the new trend is extremely dangerous because of how quickly one can become intoxicated. That's because when you drink alcohol goes to the stomach then is absorb into the body with bypassing the liver.

"When one inhales it. It's a absorbed in the lungs and is direct shot to the brain and is a much faster on set, there will be no vomiting," said Dr. O.

"Over-dosing on alcohol is what we are looking at here?" I asked. "Much easier to overdose on alcohol by inhaling it," he said.

He says what some are calling benefits are not true.

"They think they won't get a dui if they inhale it, wrong. They think they won't get any calories, that's wrong as well. Once you ingest it and it's in your body, you certainly get calories from that. The parents won't smell it on their breathe, wrong again," said Dr. O.

The videos show people inhaling all types of alcohol, and have been shared hundreds of thousands of times. One video has over 2 million views.

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