Mobile Man's Home Infested with Termites

Mobile Man's Home Infested with Termites

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Mobile, AL -

They were everywhere.

"When you got a swarm like this, you got a problem!" says Vice President of BugMaster Austin Key.

Termites—enough to worry Matthew Sellers and his 8-year-old daughter when they took over Monday night.

"Seems like they found me. My daughter and I were there watching tv last night and I looked in the kitchen and there was hundreds of thousands of them," says Sellers.

The kitchen, the bathroom, and his daughter's bedroom.

They told Sellers to congregate them in the center of the room, keep them in one place, you do that by putting a light in the center of the room because they're attracted to light, and to just bar off any gaps under the door with a towel.

"Usually you'll see them around windows, doors, plumbing areas," says Key.

It's the rain and hot summer days that attract them. But not to worry, these are Formosan swarms, not the kind that eat you out of house and home.

"The Formosan swarmers are not the cast members that do the damage to the house, they're strictly the reproductive and they're doing what their job is."

Unfortunately their job took them inside Seller's home which is unusual.

"You couldn't barely walk in the door. I called BugMaster and thank god they answered their phone at 8:30 last night cause I was not in a good mood," says Sellers.

The swarms begin around Mother's Day each year and there are a few things you can do to not make your home a target.

"Don't turn your porch lights on unless you're expecting company. Keep your drapes, your blinds closed and just limit as much light as possible," says Key.

Key expects a larger swarm this year since we had such a mild winter. If you see them around, Key says you can spray them with Windex or soapy water to kill them right away, but it won't keep them from swarming.

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