Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter

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C. Chase Corte
President - Owner
Chasing Fresh, L.L.C.
Fairhope, Alabama
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I am going to make butter out of certified organic heavy cream from Alabama's only certified organic dairy. Here is the recipe:

1. Purchase a container of heavy cream. Chasing Fresh carries certified organic heavy whipping cream from Alabama's only certified organic dairy, Working Cows Dairy from Slocomb, AL. Get a lot of heavy cream because the amount of butter is smaller than the amount of cream used. One gallon of cream will produce approximately three pounds of butter

2. Chill a bowl (preferably glass or heavy stainless steel) in the refrigerator prior to butter making. Make sure it's a large bowl, since the cream will expand with air before it turns into butter.

3. Let the cream warm to room temperature

4. Pour the cream into your bowl.
Whip it (using an electric mixer, if you can) until it gets stiff. Slow down the mixer as you go along. It will go through different stages—the first two are pretty self-explanatory.

                  -Frothy Milk Stage
                  -Whipped Cream Stage
                  -Break Stage—This is where the whipped cream appears very dry looking.
                  -Break Down Stage—Continuous whipping will cause the air cells to collapse into butter. The cream will suddenly turn to butter and  buttermilk. Taste the butter and if it doesn't taste like butter but like cream, whip it some more.

5. Wash the butter. If any buttermilk remains with the butter, it will spoil very quickly, so this needs to be done unless you eat the butter within 24 hours.

  • Put the butter in a blender with cold water (cold so that the butter doesn't melt and drain with the water).
  • Turn on the blender on low speed for about a minute.
  • Drain the water out of the blender. If the water isn't clear, add more water and repeat until it is (it may take seven or more washings to get to that point).
  • Use your hands and the back of the spoon to press any water remaining in the butter.[2] Another way to "dry" the butter is to put it on a clean cloth and push against it.


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