FDA Lowers Age Limit for Plan B Pill

FDA Lowers Age Limit for Plan B Pill

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Girls as young as 15 years old can now purchase emergency contraceptive over the counter according to the FDA. Meaning you don't need a doctor's prescription nor parental consent, but must provide proof of age at checkout. It's a decision some people disagree with.

"You need to be 18 or older to prescribe anything, because you are just encouraging them to, you know, go get it," said Laura Kaufman

"I feel like they should need a parent's consent. So that the parent know about the whole situation besides going behind someone's back and doing it," said Victoria Petway.

Others tell me it's a good idea.

"I kinda think it's a good idea in a way, because know you have teenagers 12 years old that are sexually active," said Aladriane Mitchell.@

While some feel the FDA didn't go far enough.

"I just feel that it's unfair. If you can get it at 15, you should be able to get it at 13 and 14," said Christie Knowles.

Different concerns are coming to the forefront. One has to do with abusing the pill. For instance, girls using it as a form of regular contraception, just because they can. It's something one gynecologist doesn't recommend.

"To take it regular, it is a high dose, much higher than a birth control pill and therefore I would not recommend taking it multiple times. That person who needs it multiple times needs a more regular contraception," said Dr. Kendal Foster.

Dr. Foster says although teen pregnancy is a problem for our area, he doesn't feel Plan B will make a huge impact in preventing pregnancy.

"I think in our population we are not going to see a huge demand for it. That teenager is either going to be protected or unprotected, In the case of a teenager being unprotected, she needs healthcare. Not only to be checked for pregnancy, but sexually transmitted diseases," said Dr. Foster.

He also notes that many pharmacies in our area either don't carry Plan B, are carry little stock of it. I called 6 pharmacies in our area, and only 2 of them had it in stock. Another thing to keep in mind is the price, Plan B will cost about 45 to 50 bucks per dose.

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