Woman on 'Bath Salts' in Elberta, Arrested

Woman on 'Bath Salts' in Elberta, Arrested

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ELBERTA, Alabama -

Cell phone video recorded by Elberta Police show what looks like a scene from a horror movie. "She was talking gibberish, almost tongues at one point in time," says investigator Scott Tart. "We made comment that it was almost like "The Exorcist" the way she was acting."

Tart recorded the video. "I didn't know what we were dealing with till after the fact. I wasn't certain what type of narcotic but I could definitely tell she was on something."

Investigator Tart later learned it was "bath salts" a synthetic drug that users snort, smoke or inject that can have violent even deadly consequences.

"Individuals have converted something that was legal into something illegal," says sheriff's captain Steve Arthur.

The drug is a crystallized powder, packaged with names like Mojo and Bliss. Law enforcement in Baldwin county have not had to deal with a lot of 'bath salts" cases but in other areas of the country it is more common.

"You are doing things that you have no control over," says Arthur. "Your body is responding to hallucinatizations, voices in their head telling you to do certain things. When people come off the drug they don't even realize what they've done."

Tart describes the woman in Elberta as having super-human strength. It took four officers to subdue her. "This is some serious stuff," he says. Making it even more serious, "there was a minor child also that the female had in her possession."

This was the first case of "bath salts" in Elberta and police hope it's the last.

The woman in the video was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The child was not injured.

In 2011, the Drug Enforcement Agency listed bath salts as a schedule one narcotic, similar to cocaine, LSD and heroin.

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