Boston Bombings Manhunt is Talk of the Town

Boston Bombings Manhunt is Talk of the Town

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For the men, at Custom Cuts in Prichard new developments in the Boston bombings manhunt was like watching details of a movie unfold.

"I think it's a tragedy because people were out to have a good time, and in turned out to be something devastating," Reverend Ralph Tolbert.

Across town at Carpe Diem in West Mobile, the ordeal hits home for father Matthew Venuti. He grew up just outside Boston, and it's where his sister still lives.

"I think my sister is still shell shocked. Most people do not see people bombed unless they are in a war zone. She's really jumpy about this an isn't happy that there is a maniac running outside. My mother, she's outside of the quarantine area just wants it to be over soon, and I think that's what everybody wants, it to be over," said Father Matthew Venuti.

The horrific events spewed more coffee talk on gun control, "We have somebody loose in the city of Boston and there's a good number of them that would be very happy if they were armed right now and I think that's something that's going to come up at some point," said TJ Jeff.

One woman tells me she'd rather the suspects be caught alive rather than dead, "The older brother that was shot, I, didn't like that he's dead, and that is because you want resolve, you want justice, you want to put him through the ringer," said Nichole Demos.

As all eyes continue to look on Boston, locals say their hearts and minds are looking too.

"That we all feel horribly for them, and that we are united with them as a country, our resolve will found the people that did this," said Elise Pelham.

Tune in tonight right here on CBS. live coverage of the Manhunt in Massachusetts will continue at 8 'clock.

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