Gun Owners Happy As Congressional Legislation Defeated

Gun Owners Happy As Congressional Legislation Defeated

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Tom Hand shows me the firing power of an  AR-15.  It's a gun that might have been outlawed had an assault weapons ban passed.  It also uses high capacity magazines--limitations on that went nowhere.

Expanding gun background checks online and gun show sales failed as well.  Gun owners argue law abiding people shouldn't be burdened with new regulations.


"I think they should enforce the laws they already have, why change them when everything's been just fine," says gun owner Casey Cunningham.  While gun sales are leveling off there is still an issue with ammunition, for example when a high demand caliber of rounds gets on the shelf it disappears just as quickly. 


"Most of the citizens of America I don't think have a problem with background checks it's just more government control and with the administration we've got now I think they're just playing to where it can be gun confiscation and that's what the American people are against," says the owner of Campbell's Sporting Goods in Robertsdale Nelson Wingo.  Pro gun control advocates have been posting on social media and vowing to keep up the fight and while pro second amendment forces appear to have won big they say the fight isn't over.


"The wolf is always at the door, they're always going to try and take our guns away from us," says the owner of Goldmine Pawn Tom Hand.  "You may not move a large stone all at one time but you can take one grain of sand every time you hit it and eventually it will be a small pebble."


For all the talk of gun control in the wake of Newtown it doesn't appear gun control is a top concern with most Americans.  According to a recent Gallup poll only 4% of respondents list gun control as the top priority for the nation.  The economy came in at number one.

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