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St. Luke's Jeremiah Jackson Generating MLB Buzz

MOBILE, Ala. - "Anywhere from 10 to 15 scouts have been at practices and games, and he's handled that situation really well," said St. Luke's baseball coach Mike Szymanski.

MLB scouts have made their way to St. Luke's all season to get a look at a certain shortstop... he goes by the name of Jeremiah Jackson.

"He certainly has the tools, he has the bat speed and power. He can definitely play shortstop," said St. Luke's assistant coach Jim Bryant.

Jim Bryant knows a thing or two about scouting big-league talent. He spent more than 15 years as a scout in the Angels organization and was part of team when they drafted Mike Trout.

"They're always looking to get more looks, that's the whole thing. The more looks you get in the draft room the better it's going to be as far as knowing the player and making sure you select the right player," said Bryant.

For Jeremiah, he's trying to block out the outside noise and focus on leading his team. He's played for St. Luke's since 7th grade, now he's the senior leader.

"Now with me being the big man, the senior, it's good having the experience I do so I can teach the younger guys," said Jackson.

He's humble, and currently committed to play college baseball at Mississippi State.

He's not worried about the MLB Draft right now, but in a few months he could hear his name called. And that will be the second year in a row Mobile will be celebrating.

"Mobile is a city that is rich with baseball talent," said coach Szymanski. "A lot of good players have come out of Mobile. Bubba (Thompson) was a very good baseball player, Jeremiah is a good player, so it would be tremendous for our program and for him if he got drafted."

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