Archers of All Ages Compete at Alma Bryant High School

MOBILE, Ala. - “Some of these kids will be in the third or fourth grade and are shooting scores that are as good or better than the high school kids,” said Alma Bryant archery coach Roy Richardson.

For the last two days, archers filled the gym at Alma Bryant High School, as the Hurricanes hosted one of nine regional archery tournaments.

Arrows were flying and as the archers had hopes of reaching the state championships. And if you’re talking state championships, you have to talk about Alma Bryant.

“I think right here, Alma Bryant, they have one of the best teams in the nation,” said Macy Mckay from St. Luke’s. “That’s what got me going at St. Luke’s, when I saw coach Roy had won at state, I thought -- we could do that, so we’re going to try it. It’s hard and they have a great program here.”

The Hurricanes have been the state archery champions in the high school division 12 years in a row.

“As long as you can find kids that will commit to what they’re doing and stay dedicated to what they’re doing and have the right work ethic, you can do some things you could have never thought. Such as traveling to South Africa to shoot for Team USA,” said coach Richardson.

“Obviously coming from a small town of Grand Bay, Alabama, I’ve gone to Wisconsin in the U.S. and to South Africa. So I’ve been to a lot of places and experienced a lot of cultures. It’s very enlightening and a very amazing experience,” said Alma Bryant assistant coach Miles Wilson.

Wilson was an archer under his step dad here at Alma Bryant, and now has come full circle as a member of his coaching staff. Kids of all ages were competing at Alma Bryant this week, and Wilson has a simple message for them.

“If you want to take control of your life and do something beautiful that can help you see the world and see the country at a young age this is the sport for you,” said Wilson.

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