Former Daphne star Michael Pierce looking to build off impressive rookie season in the NFL

DAPHNE, Ala. - From Daphne High School, to Samford, to the NFL, Michael Pierce has made an impact at every level of football.

In his rookie season last year with the Baltimore Ravens, Pierce had 35 tackles and two sacks.

"I'm feeling great. I have some confidence now, I played pretty well as a rookie so I'm looking forward to everything this year," said Pierce.

The defensive lineman was an undrafted free agent, making the most of his opportunity with the Ravens.

He was a sponge all year, learning as much as he could through each snap.

"Just the technicality and physicality of the game," said Pierce. "I wasn't really physical in college being a D-1 AA player, I was always the biggest guy, but now you are going against guys that are much bigger than you and who've been working on their craft longer than you. I'm just picking up a lot things from the vets, learning from Terrell Suggs and those guys has been amazing."

The lineman is listed at six foot, 339 pounds.

From college to the NFL, it's easy to see why there was an adjustment period for Pierce.

"It was shocking, especially when you go against O-Lines like Dallas, how great those guys are, you think, wow I have to buckle up my chinstrap today," said Pierce.

The Ravens are scheduled to report to training camp in just a few weeks, and thus the grind of a NFL season begins.

"It's what you're working for all year. I'm prepared and I'm ready to do some good things this year," said Pierce with a smile.

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