Andres Fox latest in Mobile's Pac-12 Pipeline


“I was surprised, I have to admit I was surprised with the three SEC schools involved. It was a long process and they made a family decision, so I was very happy for them," said Mobile Christian football coach Ronnie Cottrell.

Perhaps it’s not so surprising when you consider the pipeline being formed between the Pac-12 and the Mobile area.

Troy Young is currently at Arizona, former St Paul's lineman Ryan Johnson is at Stanford and now Jack West and Andres Fox will be joining the Cardinal football team.

“I feel like Ryan Johnson is already out there, he’s been helping me along the way. We have group chat, and we’ve been talking," said Andres Fox.

“You know I think in the Pac-12 there is an opportunity, Troy (Young) started half the games he played in this year and I think he’s (Andres) is going to find the same opportunity in the Pac-12," said Coach Cottrell.

For Andres, the decision to head west to Stanford was about more than football.

“There’s a lot of great connections out there, will help me get a great job. Google is around the corner, Yahoo! and stuff like that," said Fox.

The defensive lineman says he plans to study engineering at Stanford next year.

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