Woman Robbed, Believes She Was Targeted And Followed Home

Jennifer Miles, of Theodore, was robbed in the driveway of her home on Tuesday afternoon. She believes she was targeted and followed home from the bank.

Miles was handling family business at Wells Fargo in Theodore on Tuesday afternoon when she realized she was missing an important piece of paper. Jennifer could not go forward at the bank without the paper so, she left to retrieve it from her home. Miles left the bank intending to drive home, grab the paper, and immediately return to the bank.

Things did not go as planned.

"I did not lock my car. I walked into my door, grabbed the paper, walked directly back out and I see a gentleman-- well I am not going to say, gentleman, a man, running from my car, from my trunk to his jeep that was parked on the road," Miles said.

According to Miles, she was inside her house for no longer than a minute. The man stole items from Miles' trunk-- the same items she left the bank with.

"You know, they knew immediately what three bags I had in the bank and so whether they seen me in the bank or whether they seen me in the parking lot they knew right where to go and what to get," Mile said.

The unidentified man got away with a carry-on bag filled with very sensitive financial and medical information as well as Jennifer's purse with $200 cash inside. However, Miles was able to retrieve some of her stolen items back.

A security guard at the Spanish Fort Mall witnessed three black males dumping bags and other items into a dumpster behind the mall.

The security guard immediately called the Spanish Fort Police. Police were able to contact Miles through personal information found in her stolen documents.

However, Miles did not receive her debit/credit cards, cash, or checks back. The three men seen dumping the items behind the mall have not been caught or identified.

Jennifer Miles says this experience has opened her eyes and she wants to warn others to always be aware of their surroundings.

"It didn't register to me to lock the door. I was only going to be away for a couple of minutes. Lock your doors no matter how long you're going to be away," Miles said.


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