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What's Working: Local Teen is CEO of Food Delivery Company

A teenager from Mobile is an example of how remarkable young people are these days. Eighteen-year-old Alex Moore has started his own food delivery business. It's called Dapper Deliveries. He came up with the concept for the business when he was fifteen, and he started it one restaurant at a time when he was sixteen. Why the name, 'Dapper Deliveries?'

"I try to dress up as dapper as possible,"  Moore says. "I would wear a button-down and some pants. I wanted to look presentable in front of the restaurant owners."

Moore says at first, restaurant owners may not have taken him seriously, but once more and more restaurants started signing on, people knew he was serious about his business. It was a challenge running Dapper Deliveries while he was in high school at Faith Academy. Moore says Faith does not allow students to use cell phones, so he often had to wait until after school to return calls. He had to rely on his business partners to handle deliveries during the day.

"During the day, Justin would run the dispatch, and Kevin would deal with any issues that would come up. As soon as I got out of school I would go and run deliveries myself, " Moore says.

Speaking of business partners, local restaurant owner, Kevin Polk, has come on board. He says he was very impressed with Moore and often forgets that he is only 18.  He describes Moore as remarkable.

"It's amazing what guts young people today have. They have a little less caution than people my age," Polk says.

Moore was salutatorian at Faith Academy. He is attending the University of Alabama in the Fall. He may even expand his business there!  Since the software to handle the dispatch system is online, he plans to stay very involved with his business in Mobile.

Dapper Deliveries delivers food from sixty restaurants in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. It has grown from just one delivery driver (Alex!) to fifty drivers. If you would like to place an order to have delivered,  click here for the website.


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