What's Working: Davidson Robotics Team Using Summer to Prepare for State Competition


MOBILE, AL (WKRG) It may be summertime, but the Davidson High School Robotics Team is busy preparing for next year's state competition. The team won state last year,  and  they have had many victories in regional competition in the past. The students know summer isn't a time of rest if they want to take the top spot again. The Robotics moderator, Mike Fletcher, equates summer time to spring practice for a sports team. His team has lay some groundwork now, to be successful in the fall. Fletcher says the Robotics program at Davidson has been helpful to many students for choosing a career. "The reason we have that type of competition that recognizes math, science and engineering, is to get kids excited about that sort of thing in the same way they they might get excited about a soccer team, or football team or something else."

Senior, Justin Parker, says they have had a lot of interest in the robotics program from underclassmen who heard about the program's state win. "The goal is to bring home a second year-in-a-row win. It really boosts morale for students who were somewhat interested,  but didn't want to pay attention. Now they are saying, 'I want to be a part of something that won statewide.'" They have had ten new students apply to be a part of the team for next year.


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