WATCH: Video of Animals Drinking Water, Bucket Perspective

WKRG Staff - COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters/Cologne Zoo Handout ) -- The Cologne Zoo has brought a different perspective to the importance of water preservation, by placing a camera at the bottom of a bucket and revealing how different animals drink.

The "From Bottom to Top" video features a lion, tiger, elephant, and raccoon among others.

The zoo's director, Theo Pagel, explained exactly how elephants get the 100 to 150 liters (26-40 US liquid gallons) they require a day: they take water into their trunks before blowing it into their mouths.

Cats on the other hand "build a water column with the tongue, from which they then skim the required quantity," he said.

Some birds raise their heads and let the water flow into them and bonobo primates barely drink, getting 90 percent of their water from food, he added.

The footage was filmed by attaching a camera to the bottom of a funnel and filling it with water, the zoo said.

It was made to draw attention the importance of water preservation, with Cologne Zoo saying it employs modern water and energy saving technologies to store and distribute its water on site.

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