Watch LIVE Baby Birds Set to Hatch in Orange Beach

Chris Best - The world has a new wonder of nature to watch, and this time it's right here on the Gulf Coast. Excitement is growing among school children and many others who are watching a nest perched high above Orange Beach, Alabama.

A momma osprey is tending to at least 2 eggs that could hatch at any time. They are expected to do so by the end of the week. Ospreys are hatched along the Gulf Coast, but then migrate to South America. They do not come back home after their first year, but return every year after to mate and hatch their babies. This osprey is home for her 3rd time. The first two years she hatched 3 little ones. This year, only 2 eggs appear on camera. But, one may be hidden from sight.

When the ospreys return to the Gulf Coast their first time, they pick a life-long mate from the same region. They return each year to raise more babies together. The LIVE camera is located at the Orange Beach Public Library. News 5 will be keeping an eye on it, until the baby birdies arrive.

Momma doesn't have an official name either. So go the WKRG Facebook page to tell us your suggestions.

You can find the camera here and get LIVE updates all week on the WKRG Facbook Page.

Thanks to the Nature Conservancy, Alabama Coastal Foundation and Orange Beach for installing, maintaining and sharing.

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