Trump's Thank You Tour Expected To Hit Mobile

There is no date set yet, but preparations are already underway for President-elect Donald Trump to make a return visit in Mobile. One sign shop is already going through dress rehearsal.

"When Trump came to town we really wanted to make a big impression so that he would remember us," Mike Callahan, ABC Signs Owner.

Mike Callahan's shop printed hundreds of signs at the rally last August, and now they're gearing to print more signs.  But when is Trump coming back exactly, is unclear.  So far Donald Trump's team has reached out to the Mobile Mayor's Office, and they're still working on the details.

"I wouldn't doubt to see the crowd maybe twice as big," said Callahan.

Last year Trump's visit brought thousands out to pack Ladd Peebles Stadium when he was still running against a crowded field of candidates vying for the Republican nomination.

"This was a strategy by the Trump campaign to gain him credibility amongst conservatives. Alabama is the reddest state, it's a deep bible belt evangelical state because people knew the Trump name, they had no idea what he stood for," said Jon Gray.

Gray with Strategy Research conducted polls showing Trump was in the lead in Alabama even before his visit, but the rally in Mobile helped set a tone.

"It wasn't just Mobile you also had the rest of the group standing around looking at themselves going what do we do. He's like the Rolling Stones, Republicans had never done that, I'm happy to say that Mobile was the start of his concert tour-esque campaign."

And the momentum would ultimately propel Trump to the White House.

"Building a wall is great but we really need a bridge in Mobile," said Callahan.

And as anticipation builds, some like Callahan hope Trump will continue to remember his visit, and Mobile later in his presidency.

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