Accident on Cochrane causeway sends two cars in water

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - The crash happened before seven Tuesday morning.  When I arrived there was one smashed jeep in the center of the road.  Two other vehicles ended up in the water.  One was an SUV and the other was a car.  Karen Williams and her husband Justin were soaked from the waist down.

"I’m cold, wet, headache, I’m good," said Justin with a smile.  Karen Williams said she couldn't get out of their car as it filled with water and her husband pulled her to safety. 

"A car came up on top of us and we flew into a ditch and then I couldn’t get out," said Williams describing the crash.  Wrecks like these are a sight people who work around here say they see all too often and say something has to be done about it.  Without a turn lane, vehicles making a left come to a full stop in a lane where traffic zips by.  

"There definitely needs to be one according to everyone around here that works here there’s two to three wrecks a week, it’s crazy, going 45-50 miles per hour and a car’s just two feet away from you," said Justin.  Despite all the damage no serious injuries were reported.  

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