Live Traffic Blog: Monday Feb. 12 2018

(WKRG) - 7:55 a.m. A wrecker just got into the scene there inside of the George Wallace tunnel I-10 to headed westbound. Traffic continues to be backed up past the Battleship Parkway exit so about a 4-mile backup trying to get to Mobile from the Eastern Shore. The causeway has got about a 3 Mile backup. Within the tunnel at the right hand lane is closed because of this accident. Beyond that another accident I-10 eastbound this one coming out of the George Wallace tunnel between that area and the causeway exit. Also an accident eastbound I-10 between Rangeline Road and I-65 being cleared by Mobile Police. And a fender bender Johnston Lane there at Hillcrest Road

7:30 a.m. Mobile Police working some new accidents including I-10 inside of the George Wallace tunnel headed westbound. This is coming from the Bayway trying to go towards Mobile. The right-hand lane is closed in the tunnel and you're looking at about a 3 Mile backup beginning at the Battleship Parkway exit. Another accident I-10 headed eastbound there right before the I-65 split in the center Lane. Right before the split there is an accident and those lanes are blocked. Expect delays there. Another accident I-65 Southbound between Government and I-10. The earlier accident I-10 Westbound at exit 13 that had the interstate shut down has been reopened

6:50 a.m. Traffic volume still struggling to get back to normal I-10 headed westbound at exit 13 where we had earlier accidents that actually had the interstate shut down. It is reopened but traffic volume is still heavy through that area. Another new accident I-10 headed eastbound between Rangeline Road and I-65 is just a fender bender. I-65 Southbound exit ramp to I-10 eastbound we had an accident there as well blocking the left hand lane so expect that delay. No problems crossing the bayway or causeway but we have wet driving conditions so be careful.

6:30 a.m. We're now looking at about a 2 to 2 and 1/2 Mile backup I-10 headed westbound due to multiple accidents there at exit 13 (that's the Theodore Dawes Road exit where the interstate is shut down right now). Traffic is backed up past Highway 90 trying to go towards that area so you'll have to use either Old Pascagoula Road just north of I-10 or Highway 90 South of it and head westbound towards the McDonald Road exit and get back up on the interstate there at Exit 10, Beyond that we do have an accident I-65 Southbound exit ramp trying to go onto I-10 headed eastbound The left hand lane is blocked there at the exit ramp. Mobile police trying to clear an earlier accident without any injuries I-65 Northbound between Airport and Dauphin.

6:10 a.m. Two to three earlier accidents have I-10 Westbound shut down at exit 13 ( that's the Theodore Dawes Road exit). You'll have to take Theodore Dawes Road North towards Old Pascagoula or south towards Highway 90 and head West towards McDonald Road and get back up and on the interstate and exit 10 there for an alternate route. Other accidents Northbound I-65 between Airport and Dauphin Street (a fender bender there). An accident involving injuries I-10 eastbound between I-65 and DIP. Another one Moffett the West I 65 Service Roadm watch for delays in these areas.

5:50 a.m. I-10 Westbound continues to be closed this morning due to an early morning accident. In fact two of them around 3:15 this morning. One vehicle hit a power pole. The second one struck a pedestrian and as a result I-10 Westbound is closed at exit 13. You'll need to either travel South to Highway 90 or north towards Old Pascagoula road then you can travel West towards McDonald Road and get back up on the interstate at exit 10. Mobile Police also on the scene of an accident on Moffett Road to the West I-65 Service Road North (trying to clear that).

5:30 a.m. Two earlier accidents continue to have I-10 Westbound shut down at exit 13(Theodore Dawes Road). One accident involves a power pole the other one involved a pedestrian struck. I-10 headed westbound is being redirected there at Theodore Dawes Road up towards Old Pascagoula and then back down to McDonald Road where you can get back on the interstate at Exit 10. But again expect heavy delays if you're traveling through the Tillmans Corner/ Theodore area trying to get towards Mississippi or Grand Bay. Another accident Moffett Road at the West I-65 Service Road North that does not involve injuries.

5:00 a.m. Two separate accidents here on this early Monday morning had I-10 Westbound shut down just past Exit 13 (that's at the Theodore Dawes Road exit). One of those accidents involves a car hitting a power pole, the other a car hit a pedestrian. Again I-10 Westbound is closed at exit 13 at the Theodore Dawes exit. Traffic is being rerouted around that area back up onto the Interstate at Exit 10 (that's McDonald Road). Another accident on Moffett Road at the West I-65 Service Road North that does not involve injuries.

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