The Need for Speed and Awareness for Prostate Cancer

PENSACOLA, Fl (WKRG) --- 75-year-old prostate cancer survivor Peter Starr has a need for speed, but the England native's love for motorcycle riding helped him realize that he has a platform for men to get educated about prostate cancer.

"Don't accept what your doctor, says as gospel, question it, make the doctor explain it to you, I'm just trying to get men to understand there is more to it that meets the eye," says Pete Starr.

Now being a 13 year survivor, Starr has merged motorcycles with educating men about the disease, and now he is travelling the country.

"Peter is not chopped liver here this is a guy who has done some cool stuff in his life, and his story is very interesting, and once people see the movie and hear his story they are going to get excited," says Todd Shuls.

So the former disc jockey and filmmaker is showing one of his movie's ‘Taking it to the limit, tomorrow night at the BMW & Indian motorcycle dealership in Pensacola to educate men on prostate cancer.

"Once you have had the prostate removed, there's no going back you can't undo surgery, you can not undo radiation," says Starr.

Once diagnosed with prostate cancer, Starr founded the Healing Arts Education Foundation; it promotes a healthy lifestyle and bringing awareness to fighting cancer naturally.

"It's my place to educate people so instead of making a decision about treatment with this much information, I want them to make a decision with this much information."

Staying informed to help fight a disease.

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