iPhones Changing "I" to "A[?]" in Keyboard Bug Affecting Some Users

Some iPhone users say the letter "I" is being changed to "A[?]" in a strange predictive text bug affecting the latest versions of iOS.

The autocorrect bug isn't affecting all users, but for the ones who do, every time the letter "I" is inputed as a standalone word, the keyboard changes it to "A" and a special character.

Apple has acknowledged the bug and they are reportedly working on an update to fix the error.  In the meantime, Apple has issued a temporary workaround that you can enable in settings.

Apple "I" Bug Workaround:  Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Type in an uppercase "I" for the phrase, and a lowercase "i" as the replacement.

Some users are reporting that the temporary workaround isn't working, while others are noticing the fix.


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