Local Civil Rights Hero Recy Taylor dies at 97

ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) -- Recy Taylor's brother, Robert Corbitt, smiles as he talks about his older sister.

Recy raised her brother and sisters after their mother died.

In 1944, when Recy was 24 years old, she was walking home from church with a friend when six white men pulled up beside them in a car. They kidnaped Recy, forced her into the car at gunpoint, drove her to a patch of trees, and raped her.

Her rape was a catalyst for the civil rights movement and even Rosa Parks joined the fight for justice for Recy Taylor.

Robert turns pages of an old photo album, telling the story behind every picture.

"She always called me baby. Even when I was 80 years old she still called me baby," said Robert.

"She was always happy, full of joy, and peace and love," said friend Mary Dean Williams.

Recy's case was dismissed twice by the grand jury.

In 2011, The Alabama House of Representatives apologized on behalf of the state for it's failure to prosecute her attackers.

Recy spent her last years at Henry County Health and Rehab. She died peacefully in her sleep on December 28, 2017 at the age of 97, three days before her 98th birthday.

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