Birmingham Passes Sanctuary City Resolution; Bentley says Alabama won't support

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Gov. Robert Bentley has released a statement saying Alabama would not support sanctuary cities in the wake of a resolution passed by the Birmingham City Council.

WIAT 42 reports the Birmingham City Council unanimously passed a "Sanctuary City" resolution - a designation given to cities that follow certain procedures that shelters illegal immigrants.

City Council President Johnathan Austin says the resolution was symbolic.

The resolution states "that the Council of the City of Birmingham, with Mayor William A. Bell, Sr. concurring, hereby resolves that the City of Birmingham is a ‘Sanctuary City' that strives to be a community free of hostilities and aggressions and uphold the commitment to be a community free of prejudice, bigotry and hate."

However, during a press conference, Mayor Bell used slightly different language.

""I'm going to ask the council to put forth a resolution identifying Birmingham not as a ‘Sanctuary City' but as a welcoming city, part of the Welcoming America initiative," said Bell.

The council discussed revisions that included different wording, but ultimately they voted on the original addendum.

Bentley's statement, in response, said President Trump has already taken decisive "and necessary action to enforce our nation's immigration laws. Alabama will not support sanctuary cities or institutions that harbor or shelter illegal immigrants, and are in clear violation of the laws of the nation."

Attorney Freddy Rubio said he saw nothing in the resolution that could have legal consequences.

"This resolution, it doesn't set any policy. It does set the spirit, the heart, the intent, the sentiment that this council and the city wants to have as it pertains to immigrants and people's of all communities," said Rubio.

Read the full resolution adopted by the Birmingham City Council below:


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