Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Considers Special Session to Address Prison Reform

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WKRG) — Lawmakers could be called back to Montgomery for a special session after the legislature failed to pass a prison construction bill during the regular session.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says she wants to see a federal judge's ruling on the state prisons before making a decision to call the session.

The ruling concerns an ongoing class action lawsuit over inmate mental health care inside the Alabama Department of Corrections. The judge could potentially order the state to increase staffing along with other changes that would greatly increase costs for the state.

The bill in the legislature proposed to build up to four new prisons in the state. However, lawmakers debated another version that would authorize local communities to obtain funding to build new prisons, but would also secure funds for a new women's prison to replace Tutwiler Prison in Wetumpka.

According to Gov. Ivey's office, the ruling is expected to come soon.

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