Some Say Comic Cowboys Went Beyond Offensive

Once a year, Fat Tuesday rolls down the streets of the Port City. And that means once a year, the Comic Cowboys rolls their controversial afternoon Fat Tuesday parade.

The Cowboys' signs display jarring observations about life and politics on the Gulf Coast -- some funny, some offensive, some falling in a grey area of both.

But some think the Cowboys have gone too far this year with multiple signs serving up racist messages. Posts and photos of multiple signs went viral online, and News 5 inboxes received multiple concerns about the signs directed at Prichard and the African American community.

One sign targeted City Councilman C.J. Small, satirizing his trip to Africa last year where he got shot in the face.

The sign read, "C.J. Why Africa?  It's cheaper to get shot right here."

Small says the sign's message is far from fun and games.

"Could have got shot right here -- that should be more of an embarrassment among the chief of police and and the mayor," Small said. "Because the mayor has stated he will have Mobile the 'safest and friendliest city' by 2020."

Small says while some signs may be offensive and blatantly racist, it's still free speech.

It's hard to say whether this year's Comic Cowboy parade was more controversial than those of past years.

But one thing is certain about the krewe: Anyone or anything could be a target.


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