Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday

(WKRG) - It's the last day of the severe weather awareness week, but this weekend is a severe weather preparedness tax holiday in Alabama. 

Tax free info is found lower in the story. We will start with weather alerts.

Being able to be informed during severe weather is critical. Today's topic of severe weather awareness week is weather alerts.

It's important that you have more than one way to be notified if severe weather is a possibility. Before severe weather develops you can get the latest forecast on  or you can download the News 5 free weather app. The website and the app both have interactive radar and the app can be set up to give you alerts in your neighborhood. The App is free and is available for both Apple and Android.

Don't forget to follow the First Alert Storm Team on Social Media. If severe weather is a possibility you can find that information on Facebook and on Twitter.

Alan Sealls: Facebook

Thomas Geboy: Facebook / Twitter

John Nodar: Facebook / Twitter

Christina Andress: Facebook

You can also follow the National Weather Service - Mobile, AL on Facebook and Twitter for even more weather information. NWS Mobile covers all of the WKRG counties, but Jackson County, MS. Jackson County is covered by NWS New Orleans

Another method is to get a NOAA weather radio. This will notify you if a warning or watch has been issued for your area. This is a very reliable method and will give you alerts 24/7 as long as it's on. There are a few different versions of NOAA weather radios. You have the regular that plugin and use battery power, but there are also radios that are portable and can be self-charged. For more information on NOAA weather radios click here: NOAA Weather Radios

A couple more ways for alerts are tornado sirens, but it's important to keep a couple things in mind. A siren is not meant to be heard indoors, if it stops it might not mean the threat is over, and most importantly they are not controlled by the National Weather Service. 

Most cell phones nowadays give alerts if you are in an area with a present warning. If severe weather is possible make sure your location services are on to make sure you get a warning if issued. 

Making sure you can get notified is important, but having a plan even before weather threatens can make a situation safer and less stressful. For things to consider when making a severe weather plan/severe weather kit: Weather Preparedness Kit


From now until February 25th at 12 midnight, the 4% Alabama sales tax on severe weather preparedness items will be waived. The items included will range from batteries, weather radios, coolers, and fire extinguishers. 

There is a qualifier on items though. Singular items must cost less than $60 dollars. For a generator, a single purchase must be less than $1,000.

Here is a list of the items covered in the tax holiday. 

Mobile County

Baldwin County

Northwest Florida