Scambuster: Strange "Apple Tunes" Charge on Bank Statments

LaGaylis Harbuck noticed a charge of $10.89 a month on her bank statements. She says the charge was made by "Apple Tunes". At first, she thought her daughter was downloading music and asked her about it.

"She said, mama I got music, but I didn't get it through Apple Tunes. She said I got it from somewhere else and I said well I don't understand, but your daddy's been paying it thinking you did it. So I said let me look into this," says Harbuck.

She called the number associated with the charge. There, a man with an Indian accent told her the only way to get her money back was to buy iTunes gift cards.

"But our procedure is, you have to get an iTunes card. Just go get an iTunes card, and we'll put it on the iTunes card. I said okay, are they just going to give me a card? He says no ma'am, you have to buy it. And I said, I have to purchase something to get my money back?"

"If you go to get a refund from a company, and they want you to purchase a card and transfer more money in order to make all this take place, it's definitely a scam," says Sgt. Josh Rhodes with the Mobile County Sheriff's Office.

That's why officials say to pay close attention to your bank statements.

"But I don't like anyone stealing it from me, you know? And I don't like anyone taking anything from me without my permission," says Harbuck.

Officials say call your bank and then file a police report. In total, scammers got over $2,000 from Harbuck's account. Harbuck's bank says they could only refund her a couple months' worth of charges, but it's better than nothing. I'm Ashley Knight and this scam has been busted.

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