Scambuster: House is Under Surveillance Warning

(WKRG) -- A local woman, who wants to remain anonymous, told News 5 her husband got a strange message recently.

"We have received an affidavit against your name… where you are being listed as a primary suspect in a case being filed against your name… and your house is under surveillance."

"Shocked, bewildered, and I don't know, kind of amused all at the same time," says the woman.

She said she knew it was a scam when the recording said their house was under surveillance.

"My husband and I both discussed it and it was like, ok, how smart are these crooks to tell us, if our property is under surveillance you're going to tell us about it? We live in a very visible area."

Officials say first off, never believe an automated recording. And second…

"Anytime someone calls you and tells you that we, as in law enforcement were doing surveillance on your home or you have a warrant and you need to pay us now to get us to go away or we won't arrest you, that is definitely a scam. We are not going to call you and warn you that we are watching your house," says Sgt. Josh Rhodes with Mobile County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say if you call the number back, they'll likely demand money. Sgt. Rhodes says the first thing to do is call your local sheriff's office and file a report. Also, never answer a phone call where you don't recognize the number.

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