Scambuster: Free Government Grant

Lanita Trehern got a call last week that sounded a little suspicious.

"This heavy foreign accent, who said he was from the U.S. Government Grant and Treasury Department. And that we had been selected for a $9,000 grant," says Trehern.

The call was originally for her father, who is elderly and has difficulty hearing. The caller went on, trying to convince her.

"And he said, and you don't have to pay it back, and I said ok, and he said we've selected 1700 people to receive this grant," says Trehern.

The scammer said they could deposit the money straight into her account, but she'd have to give them her account number. They told her to call their supervisor and get it all setup.

"So 30 minutes later I got another call from them. Cause they were waiting for my call! And I thought, right!"

Honestly, Trehern thinks it's a bit childish.

"I think it makes them look foolish, I think it makes them look silly cause I'm not that dumb."

She can't believe anyone would fall for this scam, but some might and she wants to spread the word.

"Let's think people! To give out your bank account number to someone with a foreign accent? I don't think so."

Experts say it's best not to say anything to these guys, just hang up the phone and don't answer if they call again.

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