Police: Speeding Biker Indicted for Child's Death

The Mobile County Grand Jury has indicted a motorcycle rider for a crash that killed a four-year-old almost a year ago. Police say Roland Guy was riding fast and recklessly on May 25th, 2016 when he hit and killed 4-year-old Soterio Osborne in Mobile. It happened on Alba Club Road. According to police, "Guy was operating his motorcycle on Alba Club Road in a reckless manner when he struck Soterio Osborne. Soterio, along with his brothers and other children, were playing in the area when he was struck crossing the residential roadway. " Guy is now facing manslaughter charges. 


Last night 4-year-old Soterio H. Osborne was struck and killed while playing on Alba Club Road. Renisha Coleman, a neighbor, says a group of 10 to 12 children were playing at the end of the street when two motorcycles flew by her house, "I witnessed two motorcycle guys coming down the road really, really fast."

Coleman says the residential road is no stranger to kids playing and riding their bikes. In fact, she was in her yard watching her two children play when the accident happened. Coleman ran to the scene, "I seen that baby on the ground. He was gone. He took his last breath when I walked up on him."

Soterio's older brothers were with him when he was struck. Coleman says they were in shock, "The oldest brother was crying telling his brother don't leave him and he love him and he's sorry."

Neighbors who witnessed the pair of motorcycles believe that speed was a factor. Ladadra Feagin thinks things would be different if they hadn't been driving so fast, "If speeding was not a factor then I think the baby would have had a chance of still being here today."

Today, the scene had been cleared and marked by homicide traffic investigators. From the first mark, they made to the last mark, where the motorcycle landed, the accident appeared to be about 70 yards long.

Police say that it's early on in the investigation and so far, no charges are being filed against the driver.

Neighbors, friends, and even Soterio's daycare teacher were remembering him today.

His daycare teacher, Pecola Quinnie, says he will be deeply missed, "We're going to miss and we loved him. He was a very, very special kid."

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