Police: Man Assaults Officer, Jumps Off Interstate

Chris Best -

A Pensacola Police Officer was almost killed last night in the line of duty.  22-year-old Hunter Dillashaw was responding to a call Saturday night of a pedestrian on I-10 near the Maxwell Street exit.  The normally minor call almost had a major consequence.

"What was initially dispatched is what you would think is a minor call, quickly turned into a violent situation that could of seriously injured or taken the life of a police officer," said Sgt Mark Holmes of the PPD.  When officer Hunter Dillashaw tried to speak with Brandon Lintner as he walked down I-10, Lintner walked backward from him, refusing to talk, and looking over the edge of the 40-foot high overpass.

Police say Lintner suddenly grabbed officer Dillashaw, and pushed him into the path of oncoming traffic.

"It was clear to the officer that the person wasn't trying to escape them, that they were literally trying to attack them," said Sgt Holmes.

Officer Dillashaw got out of the road right before Lintner attempted to jump off the overpass.

"Wow, that's just like scary," said Kobie Hutchinson, who lives near the overpass.  "You know, for someone to do something like that... me having kids, you wonder who's in your neighborhood."

Police say officer Dillashaw grabbed Lintner by his waist, pulling him down on top of the officer and Lintner again began pushing him towards oncoming traffic.

"It could have been anyone he could have hurt like that," said Hutchinson.  "If he's willing to push a police officer, who knows what he'd do to kids or anything else like that in the neighborhood."

As backup arrived, police say Lintner jumped off the overpass, dropping 40 feet onto Hayne Street.  He then got up and began walking away.  He was arrested shortly after.

"We very easily could have lost the life of a police officer last night," Sgt Holmes said.  "Thankfully, we didn't."

Both Lintner and Officer Dillashaw were treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Lintner is in the Escambia County jail on a $23,500 bail, facing charges of battery, aggravated assault, and two counts of resisting an officer.  The police department says it'll be up to the state to determine if charges could be upgraded.  Lintner has a court date of March 24th.


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