Officials Warn of Snakes After Recent Attacks

Wildlife officials want people to be aware, as the recent weather we are having is drawing out snakes, which are sometimes venomous.

"During these rainy periods that we are having especially during the tropical storm and other periods you will find snakes and other reptiles in areas you wouldn't usually expect it," said Wade Stevens of the Orange Beach Coastal Resources Department.

In Orange Beach alone, at least three people have been bitten by snakes in recent weeks.

Two men were bitten last month at a condo by a snake they thought was dead.

And earlier this week a woman was hospitalized after being bitten.

In both cases, the snakes involved were cottonmouth snakes.

"Cottonmouth and copperhead are going to be you're two most common," said Stevens. "And down here we deal with the pygmy rattler which is not that common up north."

Experts say most often people are bitten while trying to handle or kill a snake. They advise being aware of your surroundings and if you do encounter a snake call for professional help.

"There is no free wildlife removal on private property, but what we charge is nothing compared to a hospital visit," said Michael Niemeyer, of Wildlife Solutions.

Venomous bites can be fatal, but officials say that is actually very rare. If you are bitten seek medical attention immediately.

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