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Police warn of 'skimming' devices after local arrests

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) - After two men were arrested in Okaloosa County for installing a "skimming" device on a card reader at an ATM, police are warning people what to look out for. 

"Standalone ATMs will get picked on first as far as having skimmers or shimmers applied to them," Pensacola Police Department Public Information Officer Mike Wood said. 

Wood said "shimmers" are placed on the inside of card readers to steal your information and they're impossible to see while "skimmers" are placed on the outside of a card reader. 

Gas pumps are easy targets. Before you swipe your card give the outside of the card reader a good tug and if there's a skimmer, it'll come off. 

Surveillance video from inside a Kentucky Walmart showed just how fast thieves can install a skimmer. It took less than five seconds. You might not even know you're a victim until you check your bank account. 

"First thing you do is call your bank or your card and have that canceled," Wood said. "It's always safer to use the card as a credit card instead of a debit card and always cover the keypad with your other hand while you're entering your pin because a lot of times there's a pinhole camera present that's capturing your pin as you enter it."

At gas pumps, you'll see a red seal. If it says void on it then it's been tampered with. 

This week, two men from Romania were arrested in Okaloosa County after deputies say they installed skimming devices and a camera at an Eglin Federal Credit Union ATM. 

43-year old Viorel Naboiu and 31-year old Florin Bersanu are charged with use or possession of a scanning/skimming device and defrauding a financial institution, deputies say. 

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