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Milton couple gets dog back 4 months after car accident

MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) - Dave and Oneida Starr were injured in a car accident back in January with their dog Coco in the car.

The couple was a long way from home in East Texas. The dog was not hurt, but the couple was seriously injured.

They met nurse Angela Bowers inside the hospital. She agreed to take care of their dog while they recovered.

Bowers fostered Coco for four months and she paid for all the expenses. 

"If it hadn't been for the accident, we would have never met Angela," Oneida Starr said.

Bowers says it was her pleasure to be able to take care of the dog.

"We just built a bond over the last four months because I would talk to them a few times a week and update them on how Coco was doing and they would update me on how they were doing," Bowers said.

The Starrs are now crying tears of joy. Just last week Bowers drove Coco all the way to Milton from Texas.

"We've told many people in the past few months about Angela," Dave Starr said. "They can't believe it. They just can't believe that anybody would do that."

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