Man wrestles with security after police say he stole drinks

Man wrestles with security staff

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) - A man and two women were arrested on Sunday after police say they stole drinks from a bar.

Police say Peter Swisshelm, Kimberly Goodwin and Katelyn O'Brien walked away from Seville Quarter without paying for their drinks. 

Police say the trio then walked over to Blend, where security tried to stop Swisshelm when he was coming out of the bathroom. Authorities say a confrontation started, and Swisshelm started fighting the security staff.

According to an arrest report, when police showed up, they tried to detain Swisshelm, but he got away. Police say they had to tackle Swisshelm in the hallway between World of Beer and Blend.

Authorities say Swisshelm tried to punch the officer while he was getting detained.

Pensacola resident Jon Shell says behavior like this does not surprise him in downtown.

"They're stealing drinks and that's stupid but you're going to see that in any city," Shell said.

Authorities say Swisshelm bit one of the security guards in the bicep during the altercation. 

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