Group rallies for gun control in downtown Pensacola

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) - Since the deadly school shooting in south Florida that left 17 people dead, there have been rallies across the country for gun control including in downtown Pensacola.

A couple dozen men and women gathered at Palafox and Government outside Congressman Matt Gaetz's office to demand a change in our gun laws.

"When you picture children cowering under desks, fearing for their lives, thinking they're about to die, we are better than this as a country," Meghan Moorhouse said.

Moorhouse is a school counselor and a first-time protester calling for universal background checks and gun law reform.

"So many Americans think this is the only way and it's not," Moorhouse said. "We lived abroad and my children never did this in schools in Europe. They never had drills. They are no assault rifles."

There were teachers, mothers and fathers and passionate protesters calling for change. Jude Bardsley has lived in New Zealand close to Australia and thinks the U.S. should follow their lead.

"There was a mass shooting in Australia and within two or three weeks, they had banned assault weapons and they haven't had a mass casualty in about twenty years," Bardsley said.

"Future generations are being destroyed and the gun lobby is so powerful it buys our politicians," said Jerry McIntosh, president of Movement for Change. 

We reached out to Congressman Matt Gaetz for comment and we're waiting to hear back. 

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