Family wants answers one year after deadly hit and run

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WKRG) - It's been one year since Cornelius Mcqueen was killed in a hit and run on Ferdon Blvd and Griffith Avenue in Crestview.

His family says they still don't know who did this. Authorities say Mcqueen was hit by a car at the intersection and the driver drove away. Then he was hit by two more vehicles, and those drivers stopped and alerted emergency responders. 

Delroy Durm is Mcqueen's brother. He says the family needs answers.

"Still no driver," Durm said. "No nothing pretty much. It's like a dead end. We just want people to know we still want to know what happened to my brother."

Durm says his brother has a daughter who is now 9 and his death has been hard on the entire family. That's why they decided to meet at the scene where Mcqueen died, and release balloons in his honor.

"I still want him to pop up around the corner here," Durm said. "We're going to keep something going for him."

If you have any information on this please contact the Crestview Police at 850-682-3544. 


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