Copeland aggressively defends mother after she walks out during signing

PENSACOLA, FL (WKRG) - The Pensacola wide receiver who watched his mother walk out as he chose to attend the University of Florida is coming to the defense of the "lady who created" him. 

Florida-commit Jacob Copeland is firing back at some of the critics who have criticized his mother after she walked out on him Thursday during a national television broadcast when he chose the University of Florida over Alabama and Tennessee. 

Copeland responded to one tweet saying, "don't dare in your life disrespect the lady who created me. I'll kill and die behind that one!"

Copeland has received many supportive tweets, including from Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson. 

Copeland's stardom skyrocketed on Wednesday after the drama that unfolded when he surprisingly chose to attend the University of Florida on national signing day.  Copeland's mother, wearing an Alabama sweater and Tennessee hat, walked out on Copeland during a national television broadcast when he decided to commit to the Florida Gators.

After Copeland broke down in tears, his mother returned to hug him, sending the gymnasium full of supporters into thunderous applause.

The reception on Facebook wasn't as kind, as thousands berated Copeland's mother for walking out in such a pivotal moment of her son's life.

On his Facebook page, Copeland downplayed the incident, saying he wasn't mad at his mother, whose behavior is "daily routine."

Copeland will receive much more of the national spotlight when he attends the University of Florida as a wide receiver.  He's even using the attention to find the next lady in his life

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