Congressman Gaetz gets national attention

Washington DC - A congressman from northwest Florida is getting some national attention.  Matt Gaetz was the focus of a Washington Post article on February 20th.  The piece highlights the Congressman's brashness and energy as he fights for issues and attention in the DC beltway.  The article begins:

Everybody went to high school with Matt Gaetz, in some form. You know the type. Contrarian, but well-argued. Obnoxious, but not a bully. An okay baseball player, but a much better debater: loud, fast and fearsome. Not boastful of family money, but not stealth about it either. You pictured him becoming a litigator, flashing cuff links like a sidearm, or becoming a congressman by 34 and then drafting legislation to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.--Washington Post


You can read the whole article here

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