New Release Date for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

News 5 has learned the producers of USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage are now targeting Veterans Day (November 11) for the film's release.

Originally, the film's producers were hoping to release it for the Memorial Day weekend but they are now looking for the November release date. The film stars Nicolas Cage and was shot in Mobile, Alabama.

News 5 reported last month, the release for this weekend was pushed back so the movie could be shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Producers said they were hoping for bigger options for the film's distribution. That screening reportedly happened earlier this month but there has been no word on how it was received at Cannes.

Also, the Mobile Film Office is working with the USS Indianapolis producers for a screening of the movie in Mobile. They hope that might happen later this summer but so far no dates have been confirmed.

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage tells the story of the sinking of the U.S. Navy cruiser during World War II. It was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine while returning from delivering parts of the atomic bomb that would later be dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Hundreds of sailors were stranded at sea for four days, many of them dying from thirst, hunger or shark attacks.


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