New Guilty Plea in Pain Clinic Investigation

A high-level district manager of the company Insys has pleaded guilty in the investigation that sent two Mobile pain doctors to prison.  Court records show Karen Hill was a district manager with the company who taught other sales reps how to entice doctors to prescribe the Fentanyl-based drug Subsys, and arranged illegal kickbacks.
The records show she was a direct supervisor to a sales rep, Natalie Perhacs, who testified against Dr. Patrick Couch and Dr. Xiulu Ruan.  The scheme involved signing the prescribing doctors up as speakers for the company who would then be paid for speaking about the drug.  Hill admitted it was a pretext for lining the pockets of certain doctors.
In a recorded phone conversation, Hill told one sales rep, "I'll tell you how, any doctor that's money-hungry or are going through a divorce...all of those guys are money-hungry."
She went on to say, "You just have to find out what his hot button is..."
Dr. Couch was sentenced to 20 years and Dr. Ruan to 21 years in federal prison. Ruan is currently serving his time in the low-security federal prison in Oakdale, La.  Ruan is in transit to an unknown federal prison.
Hill could face a maximum of 5 years in prison for her role in the case.

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